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We were approached by Elle magazine to be part of a feature to re-brand feminism, along with Mother and W&K. They were worried that the term ‘feminism’ was being viewed as an archaic or extremist term and thought it could do with an overhaul.

To kickstart the project we met with Jinan – an 18-year-old A-Level student. Jinan had experienced varying degrees of sexism for most of her teens and when, at the age of 16, her views resulted in coffee being thrown over her – she decided to take a stand. Outrageously, her school would not allow her to Feminist Society as it was too ‘fanatical.’


People view feminism as extreme because it is seen as only applicable to militant women who ‘hate men.’ We needed to reframe feminism as no different to being anti-racism or against any other kind of discrimination.


Working with Jinan, we developed a provocative flow diagram that showed being a feminist isn’t an extreme belief at all, and should be something everyone supports, regardless of age, race or gender.

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Research (chatting to groups about everyday sexism and getting up-to-date stats) and strategy as well as creative development.