Despite the NSPCC’s considerable success in getting the issue of child abuse onto the national agenda over the past decade, there are still up to 1 million cases of unreported child abuse in the UK. Inferno’s first work for the NSPCC needed to create a step change in the public’s understanding of the issue to ensure that number continues to decline.

More than half the people who contact the NSPCC have been concerned about a child for more than a month. They wait to make sure they aren’t overreacting. But waiting until something serious happens undermines the very aim of prevention. People should act sooner.
Challenging this inertia head-on, we devised the campaign’s primary message: “It could be nothing, but it could be something. Don’t Wait Until You’re Certain.” In the absence of a broadcast budget, we created a powerful 90 second film to run online, leveraging the popular “shit people say” internet meme. The film features kids saying the weird and wonderful stuff we love them for; along with more sinister utterings, the kinds of things that might be masking abuse, like “Daddy banged my eyes on the floor” and “Have another vodka, Mummy, you like it.” The online film was supported by an advocacy partnership with the online community Netmums and a social-media campaign asking people to donate their Facebook status updates to spread the message.
Strategy assistance working into two senior planners including research and insight generation and giving recommendations on direction.
• By week 1 calls to the NSPCC’s helpline increased by 16%
• By week 3 views of the film had reached 300,000 (target was150,000)
• Creative stand out: in the week following launch the film was named “Pick of the week” in Campaign and Creative Review in the UK and AdWeek in the US.

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