Sky Rainforest Rescue wanted  a broader, younger people to engage  the issue of deforestation in Amazon.

The problem was, unlike Sky Rainforest Rescue’s niche heartland of older women, youngsters had absolutely no interest in saving the rainforest. To fashion conscious girls aged 18-24, out of sight often means out of mind: deforestation is distant both in geographic and temporal terms.



We found an avenue into young girl’s buzzing digital lives via a shared passion: sustainable fashion. Eco design is just reaching critical mass and what was once attractive on a niche scale is now an accessible option for everyone. Many celebrities, influencers and brands have jumped on this trend, which combines beauty with responsibility. In order to inspire girls to engage with the issue we needed to create something that made the rainforest relevant to them, their interests and tapped into people who held the most credibility with them.



We created Tap For Trainers. A digital art installation and unique way of using instagram.

First, we teamed up with Millennial icon, model and rainforest warier Lily Cole to design limited edition trainers. We collaborated with cool French eco fashion brand Veja using rubber sustainably sourced by tapping rubber trees in the Amazon to make the designs a reality. To bring the story behind the designs to life we created the first 60 tile scrollable virtual tree on instagram – the favouite social platform of our audience. Behind each tile rich content encouraged deeper engagement with the issue through beautifully animated GIFs co-created with influential fashion blogges, artists, television personalities, illustrators and up and coming bands. As well as sharable artistic content, there was also an opportunity to win a pair of Veja trainers – all this audience had to do was just tap. From the Amazon to the tree to the rubber to the trainers. One tap of the rubber tree to create sustainable fashion, one tap of the virtual tree to win a pair of trainers made with that rubber: our instagram art brought the message home in a unique way girls actually wanted to engage with. With their help, the tree kept growing.



879 880



Collaborative overarching strategy, influencer strategy and outreach, creative development, campaign laydown and results measurement.



It made a lasting impression – over 7.8 million impressions in fact. With less than £5,000 in media spend and very little PR directing people to the tree, in just 3 weeks we organically inspired a new generation to engage in the issue of deforestation in the Amazon. All with one simple tap. We also won Gold and Silver W3 awards for it.


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