I’m Adriana.

My fascination with people led me to a life of creative strategy.

Primarily I just love to learn. About anything. From quantum mechanics to indie gaming. Learning about interesting stuff helps me get to interesting insights, which is a handy side effect.

I have collaboratively devised brand strategies for clients of all shapes and sizes, from wonderful charities like the NSPCC to colossal corporate giants like Sky, and have been fortunate enough to work on many exciting projects and pitches. I’ve even picked up some awards along the way.

My LinkedIn has lots more detail on this and you can see what my colleagues really think of me. Or click the ‘Experience’ tab.

Outside of Adland I am massively into beauty – the art, the psychology, the history, the science – everything about it! You can observe my obsession in action on my beauty blog – stylehits.co.uk.